Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ben and Bandit are so happy!

Today Ben decided that he and some "helpers" would tackle the seemingly-unending job of clearing our property. They made terrific progress, despite the fact that Ben had a slip-up with his chainsaw and hurt his leg. It's definitely going to be fine, and if I could classify a chainsaw wound as "minor," then this would qualify. Ben describes the worst past of the wound as "hamburger meat." Ew. By the end of the day, Ben and I are very impressed by the progress.

On to Bandit. We are convinced that this cat is really a dog reincarnated. He tries to eat from the trash can, he ALWAYS acts hungry, and he refuses to use his scratch post. Everyone I know who has had a cat said to leave empty boxes out for Bandit to play in. Nope - he wouldn't go near them. Another cat I knew loved things that rolled, like a ball of aluminum foil, etc. Nope - he couldn't care less. I decided to buy one of those cat toys that's like a little bird or mouse on the end of a string. I introduced him to it today, and I began to worry. At first he just stared at it as I bounced it around his head and body. Then, after about a minute of me harassing him with the thing, he PLAYED with it. I didn't anticipate that he would clamp down on the thing so hard that I wouldn't be able to get it back! Observe (and note the moment of panic when I say "Oh crap!" and run like hell:

So then he caught up to me and won again:

Yay for a cat being a cat!

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