Thursday, January 7, 2010

A fall/winter to remember

Since our last post, we've celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. For Thanksgiving, our families were awesome enough to join us in Houston, and Ben was fortunate enough to not have to work Thanksgiving day. That night, my mom, Mrs. Miller, Jennifer and I went to watch New Moon. Three of us REALLY liked it. My mom is not a believer. :)

Ben had to work on Christmas but we were eager to go home for New Year's. We left New Year's Eve and arrived back in Houston the following Wednesday afternoon. It was great to see everyone again, and not just for a weekend. Smokey had a great time in the Valley, but Bandit had to stay behind. He was boarded at our vet's office because we KNEW he'd meow the whole 6.5 hours to the RGV. When I went to pick him up, it was clear that he was one popular cat around that office. The vet even brought her sons over the weekend to play with him!

Anyway, here are some pictures and videos to illustrate the last few months:

Bandit was super friendly over Thanksgiving, even though he had to share the house with four dogs! Smokey is getting better about sharing the licking privileges with Bandit. Every now and then we let them lick the remnants of meals off plates or the bottoms of pans used for cooking. During Thanksgiving, the guys spent some time working on our grill/pit outside. My mom gave us a beautiful Christmas tree skirt for our first big Christmas tree in our first home. When we went home for New Years, we got to celebrate the Millers' 30th wedding anniversary at The Longhorn. That's Mr. Miller's reaction to their gift - a Wii!

Ben and Josh love to play Call of Duty together on the PS3. Ben and I love to get Smokey kisses any time, but it's a special treat to get them during a road trip.

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